Life is an Adventure

In most of our daily lives we have slowly become detached from our basic human desire to explore. We all find our selfs making countless excuses for not grabbing the adventure tiger by the tail. Excuses such as the kids are too young or I've just started a new job only find us another year older and deeper set in our ways. These excuses may be somewhat valid but still, they are excuses and not reasons. I see countless SUVs blanketing the city streets and highways all looking shinny and oh so sad. These vehicles were designed to take there drivers camping, fishing and yes.....exploring. But somehow, most never leave the perceived safety of the pavement. This is where Coyote Adventure Safari comes in. We offer multi day off road 4wheel drive training trips with people just like you in mind. Everyone from first time off-roadies to weekend warriors will benefit under the expert guidance of our certified off road instructors.

Our current version of this training includes the following:

  • Two days and one night or three days two nights in Utah's rugged back country
  • Expert Off roading training through a variety of terrains
  • Map reading, Orientation and Triangulation
  • GPS and Compass
  • Vehicle recovery (getting unstuck) wrenching and High-lift Jack
  • Vehicle readiness
  • Manifold cooking and meal preparation
  • Tons of photo and video opportunities

    This adventure is designed as a training expedition for the off roader looking for a real backcountry experience. You will travel through some of the most remote regions of desert in North America as you learn everything from proper driving techniques to manifold cooking to navigational skills and vehicle recovery. This dynamic training experience will leave you with a greater understanding of the "Big Picture" of expedition adventures. You are encouraged to bring your own vehicle or a Jeep rental can be arranged for your adventure. Your guide is an experienced off-road instructor with over thirty years on the trails.

  • Meet your guide:

  • Certified Off-road Driving Instructor (I4WDTA)
  • Advanced Level EMT Certified
  • U.S. Marshals Trained Desert Tracker
  • State of Utah Emergency Strike Force Team
  • Officer Grand County Search & Rescue Team
  • Certified Swift Water Rescue Technician
  • Flawless Safety Record

    You will receive a checklist of personal items required for your adventure. You are welcome to use any of your own camping gear but if needed, rental gear is available. CHECKLIST

    DAY 1

    The group will meet at a local park in Moab, Utah for introductions and adventure briefing. Participants will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and share their off roading experience level and meet their Certified Off Road Trainer. Discussion points will also include: personal item checklist, communication between vehicles and any related questions. As we prepare to hit the trail, it's now time to turn off those cell phones because they will not work where we are heading. This is not a Disneyland type adventure. This is a true trek into the wild outback deserts of Southeast Utah.

    Time to climb into our vehicles and start heading out of the security of Moab. Within just a few short minutes we will be on a dirt road that will bring us to our trailhead. At this point we will stop and air-down our tires and review any last minute questions. From this point, the trail will begin to overwhelm your senses with the magic that is Southwest Utah. After two very shallow water crossings, the canyon opens up at a true crossroad for adventure. We continue up a winding uranium mining route that will bring us up and over Hurrah Pass. This high vantage point will show our first glimpse of the Lockhart Basin area below. Continuing down towards the Colorado River, we will come upon the last traces of man's existence as we pass two ranches lining the river's banks. It is now early afternoon and everyone is beginning to think about lunch. We have several lunch stop options and there will not be a bad seat in the house.

    After lunch everyone will be instructed on proper spotting techniques designed to help guide your fellow off roader up and through the very difficult area that is just around the corner. This difficult section will require teamwork and skill to manage the vehicles through obstacles without damage. Once past this point, there is a very real possibility that we may not see another person here on the trail for the rest of our trip. The balance of our afternoon will push us farther into the Lockhart Basin as we continue to hone our skills. Upon arrival at our campsite, we will begin to prepare dinner and individuals will select their perfect tent spot for the evening. With camp now set and dinner underway, we will have an opportunity to cover basic map, GPS and compass skills. Lastly, we will enjoy some fantastic food with all of our new friends under the epic star-filled skies Utah.

    DAY 2

    After a restful night we will enjoy a trail breakfast as we review our day ahead. It will be vital to share your feedback with your guide and discuss any techniques you would like to address further. The group will head a few miles deeper into the backcountry and purposely "stick" a vehicle or two in the sand. This will be our opportunity to learn, practice and review techniques for getting "un-stuck". This training session will last until lunch where once again we will discover how good camping meals can be. This trail will continue to draw us further south as it skirts along an ancient ocean floor shelf between towering cliffs and the Colorado River. This area remains one of the least explored areas in North America. You too will feel that you have truly ventured into the middle of nowhere. This is when a cool head is vitally important and any wrong turn could leave a party stranded in this remote wilderness. But by this time your confidence is high and your understanding of these techniques will assure the terrain ahead is welcomed. The skills of tire placement over rocks and proper speed will be your constant challenges as we forge along the trail. Different members of the group are encouraged to take turns leading our expedition. This leader is welcomed to make as many stops as they would like for photos or just to take in the views before making camp for the night. This night should be all about the trip as we share stories of our adventures and discuss any questions around a well deserved campfire.

    DAY 3

    After breakfast we will break camp and continue down trail towards Indian Creek. Here we get a quick peek at some ancient Indian granary structures punched high overlooking the creek bed. Nearly a thousand years ago this area was home to hundreds of Native Americans. Now it just sees an occasional visitor on their way through the vast wilderness. Just ahead on our trail lies a segment of Canyonlands National Park called the Needles District. Here we will encounter desert campers and other off-road enthusiasts as our adventure draws us closer to pavement and the end of our off-road adventure. Just outside of the National Park's paved entrance is a small outpost that is a perfect place to enjoy a celebratory ice cream to wash the last remnants of dirt from your throat before heading north back to Moab.

    As mentioned above, this training can be abbreviated into a two day adventure.

    When: Trip are held three times per year Spring (April). Fall (September) Fall (October) Trip size: Trips are typically limited to 6 vehicles however larger groups are possible with advanced planning. Cost: for our three day training adventure. $395.00 per vehicle with one trainee. Additional trainees are $125 each Non trainee passengers (kids or grandma) are $75.00ea. To cover meal costs. And trust will love our grub. Cost: for our two day training adventure. $345 per vehicle with one trainee. Additional trainees are $100 each Non trainee passengers (kids or grandma) are $75.00ea. To cover meal costs. And trust will love our grub. John Marshall Coyote Adventures (435) 260-6056